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We are excited to have recently completed the development and launch of Ginger-U, LLC’s medication adherence app. The app is available for iOS and Android smart phones and is receiving good reviews.

It is common for women on the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) to miss a pill here and there. Such lapses substantially increase the risk of unintended pregnancy, which is ~50% of pregnancies in the U.S. and the world. The Ginger-U app is intended to drive positive OCP adherence behavior change, while providing other desirable, related functionalities and features.



We are delighted to be developing an IoT solution for Sense4Vibe, LLC for machine health monitoring in hospitals. Sense4Vibe is intended to be affordable, as well as easy to install and use.

Many aspects of a hospital’s physical infrastructure rely on equipment and systems that benefit from preventative maintenance to enhance up time and reduce operating cost. These equipment and systems often have a vibration profile. Sense4Vibe learns the vibration signature of properly working machinery. Thereafter, it compares the actual vibration signature against the expected one (i.e., vibration anomaly detection) for insight into the health of the machine.