Example IoT solutions by us

We have two solutions that can be disclosed here. In both these projects, our work spans from idea to productization.
  • Ginger-U® is an entirely internal commercial development, which we use to advance and verify InnoNOWTM
  • SENSE4VIBE is a customer project that also uses InnoNOW
The application for Ginger-U is supporting good medication adherence by patients. The application for SENSE4VIBE is low-cost vibration anomaly detection for machine health monitoring.

If you have applications for these solutions (or their adaptations), feel free to contact us to explore the fit.



A large percentage of patients do not maintain good medication adherence. Ginger-U is intended to drive positive behavior change. The use case in this example is for women on the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). Let's start with seeing a doctor for an OCP prescription. Ginger-U's cloud backend forwards the medication data it receives from the doctor to her pharmacy, which notifies her when the prescription is ready. The app running on her smart phone serves as her interface. It allows her to enter data and provides her with dosing and refill notifications, adherence status and history, diary of side effects, information about her pill, etc. The smart case monitors her dosing behavior, provides on-case reminder and status alerts, and tracks pills dispensed and remaining. Wireless connectivity between her pill case and mobile phone is based on BLE; her phone acts as a ‘cellular gateway' to the cloud. The cloud backend stores and analyzes data, issues reminders and alerts, schedules refills, sets up follow-up appointments, maintains a library of medications, etc. Click here to learn more.



Many aspects of our lives can benefit from realtime or periodic monitoring. This benefit is particularly significant for unattended machinery. SENSE4VIBE is intended to learn the vibration signature of properly working machinery. Thereafter, it compares the actual vibration signature against the expected one (i.e., vibration anomaly detection) for insight into the health of the machine. While vibration anomaly detection for machine health monitoring is not new, SENSE4VIBE is a low-cost solution that opens new opportunities, e.g., residential and commercial pool pump installations. SENSE4VIBE relates changes in the vibration signature of the pumps to maintenance needs and scheduling, to optimize uptime and operating cost through preventative maintenance. This project is an out-of-the-box strategy by one of our customers, a sensor and electronics component manufacturer. The strategy is to steer the market by having QuantaEd Solutions create a solution that we productize, leading to new application opportunities for our customer's components.