How we go about product development

Our approach to product development is design thinking, which lends itself well to digital health. It puts the user/patient at the center of the design process. Our experienced, multidisciplinary team integrates the needs of the user, the application requirements and technology capabilities to arrive at a desirable solution.


Our approach to technical development is using plug-and-play reference designs to accelerate innovation and realize savings. We have developed our own software and hardware reference designs, the collection of which we call InnoNOWTM Digital Health Plug-and-Play Platform. Nevertheless, projects may require varying degrees of reference design adaptation and custom development.

InnoNOW is built with mobility in mind, using state-of-the-art technologies in sensing, communication, computing and social networking.

  • Its hardware architecture is built around sensing, computing, memory and communication modules. Sensor node data may be transmitted raw or processed to varying degrees at the sensor node, depending on power, data and user interface requirements.
  • Its software architecture is based on cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). An intelligence engine handles decision support. A logistics engine handles operational coordination. An engagement engine generates timely custom reminders, alerts and notifications. A database aggregates all captured data. A dashboard provides tools for data analysis and visualization. The libraries are repositories of reference data.