InnoNOW is a customizable IoT platform developed by us to efficiently realize new solutions by customizing its reference designs. The resulting solutions are portable to other platforms, as are end-to-end solutions built with InnoNOW.

We make InnoNOW available to our customers as an option to accelerate development time. However, using InnoNOW and its reference designs is not a requirement. Contact us to learn more; no strings attached.


Let's use a hypothetical juggling application using smart balls. These balls add a light show feature, as well as enable quantifying a jugglers' performance, which is then ranked within a social network of jugglers. Hypothetical features of the device (i.e., the smart ball), app and backend are noted on the graphic, as well as the requisite wireless connectivity.

We can use InnoNOW's software and hardware reference designs to develop the solution to this application efficiently. We also handle user experience engineering and industrial design as part of this customization, as well as facilitate the path to manufacturing of the smart balls. One stop, and done!

InnoNOW is built with mobility in mind, using state-of-the-art technologies in sensing, communication, computing and social networking. Its architecture is based on cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). It is portable to HIPAA compliant cloud services. An intelligence engine handles decision support. A logistics engine handles operational coordination. An engagement engine generates timely custom reminders, alerts and notifications. A database aggregates all captured data. A dashboard provides tools for data analysis and visualization. The libraries are repositories of reference data.


1. How do you maintain and validate InnoNOW?

We use the Ginger-U® solution as our commercial-grade internal project to advance and verify InnoNOW

2. Can you give me an example of an InnoNOW app?

Ginger-U app on iOS app store and Google play store

3. How about an example of an InnoNOW website?

4. How about an example of an InnoNOW smart device?

Ginger-U smart pill case