Why US and Why Digital Health Solutions

We are a development partner for digital health solutions, helping others pursue their passion and realize their vision for healthcare advances. We help our customers go from ideas to commercial-scale digital health solutions ready for deployment. We also help anywhere along the journey from an idea to a ready-to-go digital health solution.

Apps, smart devices, and cloud services—along with ubiquitous connectivity—comprise the anatomy of digital healthcare solutions. Accordingly, our services include the development of

Apps are the user interface in digital health solutions. Smart devices incorporate sensors to make measurements for a desired purpose. Cloud services provide the necessary computing utility for data storage, analytics and visualization. Wireless communications are usually the means for ubiquitous connectivity in digital healthcare solutions.

Our core competencies in the digital health solutions include

Digital healthcare solutions are usually interdisciplinary, requiring various domain expertise and the knowledge of how to integrate them effectively and efficiently. We drive an advantage for our customers by having much of the requisite expertise. Our team members have worked together on different projects and have learned to speak one another’s domain language. As such, their collaborations are effective and efficient; they are not coming together to work on a project for the first time. As an integrated team from a single organization, they are not only responsible for their own domain-specific contributions, but also ensure that the collection of their contributions integrate into seamless digital health solutions.

We begin every project by working with the customer to gather the intended requirements and specifications. Laying out a development plan with milestones, timelines, deliverables and budget is the next step. The development plan milestones are used for go/no-go decisions to ensure progress toward and satisfaction with the intended digital health solution.

Why digital health solutions

Healthcare is a universal right! Digital health solutions have the potential to improve outcomes, extend reach and reduce cost of care. They enable diagnosis, therapy and monitoring of health-related conditions by tracking relevant biomarkers, managing treatment regimens and monitoring progress—while the patient goes about his/her daily life. Digital health solutions are particularly promising for driving health equity, i.e., healthcare for the underserved. Driving innovation in digital health solutions is therefore of critical importance.

The market opportunity for the digital healthcare industry is growing very rapidly. It is expected to reach $509.2B by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 27.7% (Grand View Research, 2019). Funding for startups in the digital healthcare industry grew from $211M in 2010 to $8.9B in 2019 (Mercom Capital Group, 2020). Since 2010, Digital healthcare industry companies have received $44 billion in VC funding in over 4,500 deals and almost $14 billion in debt and public market financing (including IPOs), bringing the cumulative investments into the digital healthcare industry to $58 billion (Mercom Capital Group, 2020). Startups offering digital health solutions have broken all of the previous years’ financing records.

Let’s move forward together!