QuantaEd Solutions

QuantaEd Solutions, LLC is headquartered in San Diego, California. We have an offshore development center in Hyderabad, India.  Our U.S. operations focus on technology, productization, regulatory compliance, project management and customer service.  Our India center focuses on technology development and product implementation.

We are geographically planned to tap top-quality resources at affordable rates.  Southern California is known for its significant wireless communications, medical devices, life sciences and health care industries. Hyderabad is known for having a tremendous talent pool, making it a destination city for technology businesses.

Why Choose Us


Gain a reliable partner with advanced technology and domain knowledge


Tap quality technical talent with multidisciplinary depth and breadth


Simplify workflow by interfacing with a point of contact in the U.S.


Track performance with defined milestones, timetable and deliverables

Work for hire

Own your project-specific intellectual property


Save 30% to 50% compared to internal and onshore development cost

Request a No-Obligation Consult

We are here to help! Feel free to reach out with your interests and questions about digital health technology and solutions.

Executive Team

Mehran Mehragany

Mehran Mehregany

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ashwini Pullabhatla

Ashwini Pullabhatla

Chief Operating Officer

Brad Boggs

Brad Boggs

Chief Business Officer