We help our customers drive innovation in digital health

QuantaEd Solutions, LLC is an offspring of QuantaEd, LLC founded in 2012 by Mehran Mehregany. Our headquarters is in San Diego, California. We have a business development and regulatory support arm in Cleveland, Ohio. We have an offshore development center in Hyderabad, India. Our U.S.A. operations focus on innovation, project management and customer support. Our India center focuses on technology development and product implementation.

We are geographically planned to tap top-quality resources at affordable rates. Southern California is known for its significant wireless communications, medical devices, life sciences and health care industries. Northeast Ohio is also known for its medical device, materials science and health care industries. Hyderabad is known for having a tremendous talent pool, making it a destination city for technology businesses.

Expertise and capabilities

    We cover the following areas, building on solid groundings in project management and innovation methods.
    • Products – consumer health and medical
      • Apps (mobile, desktop)
      • Devices (wearable, deployable, hearable)
      • Cloud services (AWS, Azure, GC)
    • Technology
      • Software
      • Firmware
      • Hardware
      • Wireless communication
    • Human factors
      • UI/UX
      • Industrial design
    • Quality assurance
      • Testing and verification
      • Privacy and security
      • Scalability and reliability
    • FDA regulatory compliance
      • Planning
      • Pilot and clinical studies
      • Agency meetings
      • Submissions
    • Costing (acquisition, operating)

Our expertise spans digital health applications and business models, giving us a strong context for new product development.